XFollowing their success with the animated Huckelberry Hound Show, producers William Hanna and Jospeh Barbera created theThe Quick Draw McGraw Show. Following Huckelberry's format, Quick Draw's show was divided into thirds, with each third featuring a completely different headline character in a seven-minute long episode. The rotating stars were Quick Draw and his side-kick, Baba Looey, Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy, and Snooper and Blabber.

The show, ran for 45 episodes, from 1959 to 1962. Every episode was written by Michael Maltese, and Quick Draw was voiced by Daws Butler (pictured right), who also voiced Baba Looey, Snuffles, and El Kabong, and, on another show, Yogi Bear.

Pictured below is a Hanna-Barbera model sheet for Quick Draw (dated November 25, 1958).

Quick Draw had his own comic book, too, and When it came to publishers, Quick Draw really got around! But his title just never seemed to catch on. He had a brief run with DELL...
A couple of issues with GOLD KEY...
A short-lived series from CHARLTON...
And he hit the big time for a while in an anthology title from MARVEL...

Original art from a Quick Draw story...
Most of the time, Quick Draw's adventures werebasically kooky western parodies. But in an episode titled "El Kabong," he began donning a cape and mask to fight wrong-doing as El Kabong, a parody of Zorro. who used a guitar instead of (sometimes in addition to) a sword.

As El Kabong, Quick Draw would swoop in on a rope shouting "OLÉ!" Then he'd shout "kabong!" and clobber the bad guy with his guitar, which he referred to as a "kabonger."
The signed animation cel below, signed by producers William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, features Quick draw as El Kabong with his side-kick Baba Looey.
The El Kabong character soon became popular enough to issue his first record...
Neither Quick Draw nor El Kabong worked alone. Pictured below is a model sheet for his trusty side kick, Baba Looey, whose name is a parody of the drum song Babaloo, often sung by Ricky Ricardo on" I Love Lucy."
On July 26, 1990, the producer of Howard Stern's Radio show, Gary Dell'Abate, was discussing his collection of cartoon cells. Talking about a cell showing the cast of Quick Draw McGraw, Gary Dell'Abate meant to say, say "Quick Draw and Baba Looey," but he accidently said, 'Quick Draw and Baba Booey."

Stern found the mistake so humorous, he repeated it over and over, to the point where it soon became Gary Dell'Abate's "stage name." Since then, Stern's fans have hoaxed many a news broadcaster by pretending to be some sort of official, then suddenly screaming out "Baba booey!"
Nifty little pencil sketch of El Kabong...
Quick Draw also had ANOTHER superhero secret identity, where he used a whip to fight crime. in this guise, he was known as "The Whip." Of course, Quick Draw's "whipping skills" were not always up to par, and he often lashed the wrong target...

BELOW: Storyboard from an El Kabong episode of Quick Draw that shows last-minute art revisions and changes in dialogue.

There were only 45 shows all together, and of those 45, ten episodes -- about a quarter of the total -- starred El Kabong. Here's a brief run-down of each El Kabong episode, in order of appearance...
(1) El Kabong
(First aired November 9, 1959)

PLOT: Quick Draw changes to the heroic El Kabong (with a cape but no mask) to fight the evil Don Chilada, also known as The Oppressor.

TRIVIA: The cartoon begins... "Of all the heroes of legend and song, there's none so brave as El Kabong!"

QUOTABLE QUOTE: El Kabong (while smashing his guitar on Don Chilada's head): "KABONG!"

(2) El Kabong Strikes Again
(First aired December 21, 1959)

PLOT: El Kabong fight a battling bull!

TRIVIA: Kabong's popularity induces a repeat appearance

QUOTABLE QUOTE: "Grrrrrrl...woof!"

(3) The Treasure of El Kabong
(First aired February 1, 1960)

PLOT: El Kabong vs. pirate Walker de Plank in a story loosely inspired by the movie "Treasure of Siera Madre."

TRIVIA: El Kabong doesn't wear a mask in this episode.

QUOTABLE QUOTE: "El Kabong! He gives to the poor, robs from the rich, and borrows from the middle class!"

(4) Kabong Kabong's Kabong
(First aired March 14, 1960)

PLOT: the REAl Kabong vs. an imposter!

TRIVIA: First appearance of fake El Kabong


(5) El Kabong Meets El Kazing
(First aired September 10, 1960)

PLOT: El kabong battles Snaggle-Puss the Mountain Lion in his guise as Ka-Zing, " champio of the bad guys."

TRIVIA: First appearance of Snaggle-puss, who is colored orange, not bright pink, as he will soon become.

QUOTABLE QUOTE: Snaggle-Puss: "Exit, stage left!"


(8) El Kabong Was Wrong
(First aired September 15, 1960)

PLOT: Our hero vs. the dimutive Cactus Cecil

TRIVIA: Episode narrated by "Your Old Injun Fighter"

QUOTABLE QUOTE: Baba Looey: "Quicksdraw, walking is tough on my feet, but your singing is tougher on my ears."

(6) Who is El Kabong?
(First aired November 5, 1960)

PLOT: El Kabong fights Gang leader Norton South.

TRIVIA: In this episode, it's Baba Looey who dons a mask and cape, then kabongs the bad guy.

QUOTABLE QUOTE: El Kabong after accidently kabonging his pal Baba Looey: "Sorry Baba Looey, I was overcome by a kabonging frenzy!"
(7) El Kabong, Jr.
(First aired December 3, 1960)

PLOT: Set in the future, an old and retired El Kabong meets his long-lost son, who takes up the mantle of El Kabong to fight a land-grabber called Toothy Acres.

TRIVIA: The first appearance of Quick Draw's son.

QUOTABLE QUOTE: Baba Looey: "I don't think the Kabonger has kabonged a kabong in a long time!"

(9) Big Town El Kabong
(First aired October 6, 1960)

PLOT: The kabonger battles Wily Witty

TRIVIA: In this episode, somewhow, El Kabong and Wiley have a sword fight on a subway.

QUOTABLE QUOTE: EL Kabong (singing): "When you've got trouble, and everything goes wrong, just call for El Kabong. Ole! Ole!"

(10) The Mark of El Kabong
(First aired October 20, 1960)

PLOT: El Kabong vs. military tyrant General Badguyos

TRIVIA:This is El Kabong's final appearance on the Quick Draw McGraw Show.

QUOTABLE QUOTE: El Kabong: "Learning how to play the kabonger -- I mean, the guitar -- is easy!"

We could only END with a clip from my favorite El Kabong episode -- an immortal show that coined two catch-phrases still very much in use today -- "Heavens to Mergatroid!" and, the immortal -- "EXIT STAGE LEFT!"
VIDEO CLIP BELOW: Quick Draw McGraw as El Kabong meets Snagglepuss as El Kazing, featuring Baba Looey as El Kabong Jr. (One minute, 30 seconds).

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