DIAL B for BLOG #800

Hello reader, and welcome to DIAL B for BLOG #800, a very special issue -- in fact, no issue of DIAL B will ever be more special than this one. This Xone will make history.

Unlike previous landmark issues, there has been no massive hype campaign leading up to DBB #800. I have not even revealed the SUBJECT of this issue until this very moment!

Why? Because I didn't feel it was appropriate this time. So I didn't. After all, I am Robby Reed, creator of this web site and author of this sentence. So, what's this all about, Robby? Well...

In the past, I have done several issues of DIAL B about Jesus. For example, in DBB #190, fake cover pictured below, I compared Jesus and Superman. The centerpiece of my lengthy Frankenstein Origins series was DBB #580, "The Gospel According to Frankenstein," an issue which pointed out the numerous Christian symbols in the original "Bride Of Frankenstein" movie. In DBB #187, I discussed a Jesus story by Bob Haney and Alex Toth called "Dirty XJob" (a page from that brief, but memorable, story is pictured above).

Overall, the most popular issues of DIAL B have been my series on the Secret Origins of the major superheroes. First, I revealed the secret origins of the Fantastic Four, and stunned the comic reading world! Then, I exposed the secret origins of Batman, and rewrote comic book history forever!

Reader, after 800 issues, I think you'll agree that I've got the art of presenting this Secret Origins stuff down to a science.

But it's been 799 issues -- and I'm tired of making comic book history. I want to make REAL history. So now, it's time to reveal the greatest secret origin of ALL.
In DBB #702 (cover pictured right), I used a series of Photoshopped comic book covers to announce that I was writing a book about Jesus, although I gave no details whatsoever.

Then, in DBB #703, I used a Doctor Strange cover to infer that I had finished the book, and was ready to publish it.

Like a young Stan Lee, I have been"saving" my real name for a serious and important work. Now, the time has come.

My book has nothing to do with comic books. It is a serious and scholarly work, a "real book," titled THE SECRET ORIGIN OF JESUS CHRIST.

I feel quite confident that this book is going to make history, and I have no intention of entering history as "Robby Reed." So, it's time for Kirk Kimball to tell the life story of Jesus of Nazareth as it has never been told before.

In every other "Life of Jesus," things just seem to happen. Events unfold without interpretation, and nothing is ever explained. So I decided to write the first "Life of Jesus" where everything is explained — the teaching, the miracles, even the resurrection.

Yes reader, I'm going to reveal the secret of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I really am! I'm going to tell you how Jesus rose from the dead. And I won't be using vague language or evasive generalities. I'll be telling you exactly what happened, why it happened, and HOW it happened.

As you may know, I'm a writer and a graphic artist, not an archeologist. I didn't find the answer to this great mystery in some ancient scroll. I just figured it out. It took me several decades, but I finally figured it out.

And in so doing, I became the first person in two thousand years to know THE SECRET ORIGIN OF JESUS CHRIST.

If you'd like to be the NEXT, reader -- you'll have to buy the book! It's now on sale at Amazon. After slaving away on this book for two decades, you didn't think I was going to give away the secret for free, did you? I've given you this whole web site for free, for many years -- if you've enjoyed it, and are interested in knowing how Jesus rose from the dead -- click on the ad below to order my book!



DIAL B FOR BLOG will return in November 2017