.The great winged Sphinx, a mythical, winged, half-lion, half-human creature, was said to have terrorized ancient Egypt by flying about, cornering the unsuspecting, and demanding the answer to its famous riddle:

“What walks on four legs at dawn, two at noon, and three at dusk?”

Said to be a monument built to immortalize this mythical creature in stone, the Sphinx's body is 200 feet and 65 feet tall. The ancient Egyptians carved it from a single block of limestone from the same quarry used to build the Pyramids.

However, two different comic books offer different origins for the mysterious megalith. According to Mystery In Space #36 (cover pictured left), the Sphinx was created like this:

Wow! So there's a living entity inside the Sphinx. And who knew ancient Atlantis had atomic bombs! Since even before comic's Golden Age, the Sphinx has been the object of fascination and the star of numerous stories. Most of these stories involve the Sphinx's immortal riddle: “What walks on four legs at dawn, two at noon, and three at dusk?” The pulp Shadow encountered "The Blue Sphinx," Strange Tales related the story of what happens "When Wakes The Sphinx," and Captain Marvel Jr. uncovered "The Secret of the Sphinx."
. . .

But wait! There's another possible origin for this titanic stone megalith. The Sphinx may not be the housing for a gaseous space entity after all! It MIGHT just be ... a time machine! At least, that's what we were told in FF #19's "Prisoners of the Pharaoh!" (pictured left), by Lee, Kirby and Ayers.

In this story, the Pharaoh is a bad guy from the future who travels back in time using a time machine he built to look like "an idol," to use the "superstitious beliefs of people in bygone days" to conquer and rule. It went like this...

What a landing! The lure of the Sphinx continued as GL encountered a Sphinx with his face, Superman tried to solve the riddle of the "The Superman Sphinx," and Wonder Woman battled "The Invasion of the Sphinx Creatures." One thing seems clear: When dealing with Sphinx-like creatures, DO NOT stand too close to their eyes, or you are likely to be hit with some sort of deadly eye-beams!
. . .
Golden Age GL #13

. Today, the Sphinx stands damaged by the ravages of time. Part of its uraeus (cobra headdress), nose and beard are gone. A large fragment of the beard is currently on display at the British Museum. Although a popular legend blames Napoleon and his troops for having shot the nose off the Great Sphinx, this ancient story is not historical.

According to James Morgan's “In the Footsteps of Napoleon” (1915), “There is a tradition among the Arabs of the Pyramids that all the scars of time and the wounds of a hundred wars, which the Sphinx carries, were inflicted by Napoleon's soldiers, who used its mystifying and majestic countenance as a target. That, however, is only a legend for the tourist.”

An article by Ulrich Haarmann in the University of London's "Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies" states that according to scholars, the Sphinx was vandalized in 1378 AD by Mohammed Sa'im al-Dahr. The nose and ears, specifically, are known to have been damaged at this time.

How do I, Robby Reed, creator of this blog, know so damn much about the Sphinx? Simple! Believe it or not, I myself once turned INTO the Sphinx -- or at least a superhero called "Sphinx-Man" -- in House of Mystery #170.

Below is what happened when I set out to fight some criminals using my secret "riddle power."
“What walks on four legs at dawn, two at noon, and three at dusk?” As you have just read, this famous riddle’s answer is MAN. As I thought to myself in expository fashion during the story above, man crawls on all fours in infancy (“dawn”), walks on two feet when grown (“noon”), and leans on a cane in old age (“dusk”).

Sockamagee! Reader, now you can safely travel to Egypt without worrying about being whisked off to "never-never land." After all, now YOU know ... the secret of the Sphinx! Don't tell any criminals!


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