Superhero casting call

Comic book movie casting update, all confirmed by Variety: Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) will play Hank McCoy (the Beast) in "X-Men 3"; Topher Grace (That 70s Show) will be a villain (probably Sandman) in "Spider-Man 3"; Frank Langella (Dracula) is Daily Planet editor Perry White in "Superman Returns"; Brit Michael Caine is Batman's British butler, Alfred Pennysworth, in "Batman Begins"; and Marvel's Stan "The Man" Lee will play the FF's mailman, Willie Lumpkin, in "Fantastic Four.

Hey! My face stretches!

A scene from the upcoming Fantastic Four movie showing Ian Gruffud as Reed "Mr. Fantastic" Richards, getting used to his new stretching powers. Looks like the filmmakers have been reading old Plastic Man, as well as old FF, stories.

Send in the clones

Covers with duplicates on them: Batman #163 by Sheldon Moldoff, All-Flash #38 by Lee Elias, and Wonder Woman #62 by Oskner/Sachs.

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.John Buscema Justice League sketch

Here's something you don't see every day: A great little sketch of the silver Age Justice League by the late John Buscema (click the pic or here for a bigger version). The sketch was originally published in Roy Thomas' superhero fanzine, Alter Ego.

The first time I used my dial

I found the dial that turned me into a human BLOG after falling into a secret cave! When I dialed H for HERO, I became... Giant Boy! My powers? I could fly, and I was... well, giant! If you'd like to read how I first found the dial, and see me become Giant Boy, click here or on the pic, a panel from House of Mystery #156 by Jim Mooney.

Logo Smashers League

Capt. Rumble drives through the Titans logo in "Teen Titans" #15 by Nick Cardy, Cap accidently smacks Iron Man into his own logo in "Captain America Sentinel of Liberty" #5, and the X-Logo gets bent in "Uncanny X-Men" #337. No logo is safe!

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