.The ''Split/Xam''
Captain Marvel!

Reader, meet Captain Marvel! The character, an android, was created by Carl Burgos in 1966. (Burgos also created the original Human Torch, another android.) Cap's freakish power: the ability to split his own body parts from his body. Arms, legs, head, even fingers.

How did it work? Well, basically, Cap yells SPLIT to separate his parts, then yells XAM to call them back. Hence the designation "Split-Xam." The transformative words "Split-Xam" approximated the magic word that changed Billy Batson to the original Captain Marvel: SHAZAM!

Cap's powers have to be seen in action to be fully appreciated, so let's do just that -- see them! Below is a sampling of the good Captain's magical whackyness, from issue #4:


. . .
Cap #2
Cap #3
Cap #4

Not The Shazam One!

It's kinda freaky seeing the name CAPTAIN MARVEL emblazoned on the cover of a comic starring these whackos, isn't it? In issues 3 and 4, Cap fights THE BAT! Hmmm. Sounds familiar. Let's get a good loook at this BAT guy (look below) ... he looks to me like Batman put on some purple trunks and X-Ray Specs! SOCKAMAGEE! Call DC's lawyers! And in fact, threats of legal action from DC forced publisher MF Enterprises to change this villain's name to "The Ray."


Bring Back My Body To Me

What hero worth his salt has never had his own powers go haywire? Cap is no exception! Once, a giant magnet made Cap's body go all kaflooie. It was at this moment that we experienced a never-to-be-equalled moment in the history of comic books: the outlandish spectacle of Captain Marvel ordering his own head to leave his body by screaming "HEAD AWAY!" This isn't even the worst of it. A mere panel later, we get one of those captions that coomes along just once in a lifetime: "As Captain Marvel's head swings back over the Atlantic..." It just doesn't GET any whackier. Read it:


. . .
Cap Presents #1
Cap Presents #2
Henry #3

Cap vs. the World's Most Actionable Bad Guys!

One thing is for sure about the characters in this book: they are NOT shy about stealing the names of existing superheroes! The Terrible Five are without question the world's most actionable set of villains! (Actionable means someone could easily take the action of bringing a lawsuit!) Each character is the most blatant rip-off imaginable. The Terrible Five are, as the covers roar: Dr. Fate! Atom Jaw! Elasticman (called Plastic Man in Cap #1)! Tinyman! Dr. Doom! Plus the Destroyer! And our old friend The Bat aka the Ray! Each! One! Is! A! Copy! (Dr. Fate/Dr. Fate; Atom Jaw/Iron Jaw; Elasticman/Plastic Man; Tinyman/Atom; Dr. Doom/Dr. Doom; Destroyer/Destroyer; the Bat/Batman)

And just so you don't think MF Enterprises (named for publisher Myron Fass) copied only superheroes, here's the cover of Henry Brewster #3, featuring characters that bear a striking similiarity to the Archie gang. There's a Veronica, a Betty ... and title character Henry, the guy on the surfboard, even has red hair! MF Enterprises truly had no shame. They also had no comics -- most of their titles folded after just a few issues!

Come Together, Right Now... Over Me!

Cap's android hands can dig out of a collapsed mine! And by the way, he also had "laser vision," which he's using below to light the way through the tunnel. Note what the grateful woman yells out: "We're saved! Captain Marvlel's HANDS broke through to the surface!" As though the hands were alive and independent of Cap! Maybe the hands have an apartment in the city where they can have drinks with the woman later on. Anyway, that ends our look at the Split/Xam Captain Marvel! Time to reunite our body parts and prepare for tomorrow's big fourth of July spectacular! See you then! XAM!


Fourth of July Spectacular!