237-Superman TIME
236-Major Matt Mason
235-JLA in Ani-Motion
234-Lee Falk's Phantom
233-DC House Ads
232-Animal Man Rarities
231-Curt Swan Tribute
230-Pureheart Origins 5
229-Pureheart Origins 4
228-Pureheart Origins 3
227-Pureheart Origins 2
226-Pureheart Origins 1
225-Ads Tell A Story
224-The Spider
223-Animation Art
222-Public Service Ads
221-Your Superboy I.Q.
220-Bat-Mite/ Mxyzptlk
219-Three of a Kind
218-Basil Wolverton
217-Marvel House Ads
216-Lucy and Superman
215-Color art by pros
214-Enemy Ace
213-The FF go to Rome
212-B & W DC Ads
211-Gil Kane Draws GL
210-Crisis #4 review
209-Batman TV Show 6
208-Batman TV Show 5
207-Batman TV Show 4
206-Batman TV Show 3
205-Batman TV Show 2
204-Batman TV Show 1
203-DC House Ads
201-Fat Fury versus...
200-DIAL B F.A.Q.
199-DC Silver Age Ads
198-How to Join the JLA
197-Harvey's Bee-Man
196-Letters Page Heads
195-Steve Rude Gallery
194-Giant Hand Final
193-The Psycho-Pirate
192-Crisis #3 review
191-The Zeroids
190-Jesus and Superman
189-Silent Night Batman
188-Silver Surfer Jesus
187-Haney/Toth:Dirty Job
186-Christmas Artwork
185-Comicland Christmas
184-Detective Chimp
183-The Mod Gorilla Boss
182-DC Ape Covers
181-Seven Wonder Crimes
180-Not Brand Echh
179-John Buscema Supes
178-Strange Batman Lives
177-DC Giant House Ads
176-FF Big Little Book 2
175-Hawkman Rarities
174-Composite Superman
173-Man From U.N.C.L.E.
172-Ultra the Multi Alien
171- Finished Sketches
170-Adams Batman 4 of 4
169-Saturn Girl, Bitch
168-Crazy Crossovers
167-Major Matt Mason
166-Superman and JFK
165-Adams Batman 3 of 4
164-Lois Lane Contest
163-Krypto Cover Collection
162-Aquaman & Submariner
161-The Jigsaw Man
160-Adams Batman 2 of 4
159-"Crisis" #2 review
158-Joe Simon's Outsiders
157-DC house ads 1963-67
156-Inside JLA Mailroom
155-Adams Batman 1 of 4
154-Steranko's Spyman
153-Three of a Kind
152-Ditko Spidey Secrets
151-Deadman Art Gallery
150-Deadman by Adams
149-Everybody Dies
148-The Grim Reaper
147-1st DC/Marvel X-Over
146-Bernie Wrightson
145-Monster Mash
144-Silver Age Spectre
142-Shock Ending Stories
141-Spider-Man, the Spider
140-Ghost of Giant Hand
138-Roth's Rat Fink
137-Marvel Monsters
136-Batman's Boner
135-Vampires and Bats
134-"Infinite Crisis" #1 review
133-Skeletons & Pumpkins
132-The Demon Contest
131-Devils and Demons
130-Headless Horseman
129-Frankenstein Monster
128-The Spidey-Man Ride
127-Werewolves & Witches
126-Monster Model Ads
125-Magic Crystal Balls
123-Giant Hand Returns
121-High Camp Heroes
120-Amazing DC Comics
118-Chris Reeve Tribute
117-Superhero Evil Twins
116-Color Sketches
115-Comics in Comics
114-Steve Rude paintings
113-More DC House Ads
112-The Shadow Knows
111-Golden Age Superkillers
110-Supes murders Kent
109-Doc S and FF in Egypt
108-Alan Moore's "Allies"
107-Finished Ink Sketches
106-Dial H for Hypnoman
105-Superman wins WWII
104-Herbie as the Fat Fury
103-Silver Age DC ads
102-All In Color For A Dime
101-Sickest Covers Part 8
100-DIAL B for BLOG #100
99-Fred Hembeck & Robby
98-Dial H for Mighty Moppet
97-Steve Rude color roughs
96-Sickest Covers Part 7
95-Jack Kirby Rarities
94-Radioactive Man #100
93-The Big Giant Hand
92-Tinted Finished Inks
91- Hulk paperback 1978
90-Sickest Covers Part 6
89-Finished ink drawings
88-Elvis/Capt. Marvel Jr. 4
87-Elvis/Capt. Marvel Jr. 3
86-Elvis/Capt. Marvel Jr. 2
85-Elvis/Capt. Marvel Jr. 1
84-Sickest Covers Part 5
83-Superman-Tim Comics
82-Baron/Rude's NEXUS
81-Super Drawing Boards
80-Faces of Radioactive Man
79-Silver Surfer GN 1978
78-Sickest Covers Part 4
77-Kafka's Metamorphosis
76-Rough ink sketch gallery
75-Super Size Superheroes
74-Alternate covers
73-''Superman Returns''
72-Sickest Covers Part 3
71-Riddle of the Sphinx
70-How to draw comic books
69-Origin of Radioactive Man
68-Vintage DC house ads
67-FF Big Little Book 1
66-Sickest Covers Part 2
65-Krypto in Starwinds Howl
64-Marvel paperback comics
63-Robby's sketch book
62-Batman TV Guide 1966
61-Superhero Model Kits
60-Sickest Covers Part 1
58-GL/GA Paperbacks 1972
57-Unpublished FF covers
56-Superhero Day Jobs
55-FF movie TV Guide
54-Box Office/Media Update
53-Joe Schuster tribute
52-Review: New "FF" movie
51-FF Secret Origins 4
50-FF Secret Origins 3
49-FF Secret Origins 2
48-FF Secret Origins 1
47-July 4th spectacular
46-Split/Xam Capt. Marvel
45-Shakespearean heroes
44-Photography and comics
43-Torch eats BK, Cometeer
42-Affleck to play Reeves
41-Bat box-office update
40-Alex Toth tribute
39-Bale on the scale
38-Unpublished JLAvengers
37-When Worlds Collide
36-DC outsells Marvel
35-Bat box-office bummer?
34-Batman thru the years
33-Wally Wood Issue
32-Review: "Batman Begins"
31-Neal Adams Bat-rarities
30-The Scarecrow Issue
29-Bat-Mania Begins
28-Crystal the Inhuman
27-Dr. Doom vs. Galactus
26-Mr. and Mrs. Fantastic
25-Torch issue! Flame on!
24-It's clobberin' time!
23-Review: First FF movie
22-The Fabulous FF
21-Rann: Peace at hand?
20-Hawkman grounded
18-Rann's superweapon
17-Hawkman's discovery
16-Rann threatens Thanagar
15-Memorial Day Special
14-I dare Rann to attack!
13-Unlucky 13th issue
12-Hawk-scandal quashed
11-National Enquirer parody
10-Hawkman's new chick?
9-All-Infantino Issue
8-Inscrutable Egg-Fu!
7-Shrunken Superheroes
6-Hollywood Casting Call
5-Back to Batcave DVD
4-Flash TV commercial
3-Frank Gorshin, RIP
2-The All-Imp League
1-Collec tor's item!
From TIME MAGAZINE of MARCH 14, 1988, the complete SUPERMAN ARTICLE!



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Superman's birthday,
February 29, 2006
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