New Neal Adams "X-Men" story

"Giant Size X-Men" #3 will feature a brand new, 8-page X-Men story written by Joss Whedon and drawn by comic legend Neal Adams (preview panel left by Adams). On sale June 8th, for $4.99, the book will also reprint FF #28, X-Men #9 and X-Men #35.

Parody Covers

Green Arrow's pal Speedy has a problem, and so does Radioactive Man's kid sidekick, Fallout Boy!

Green Lantern #85
by Neal Adams

Radioactive Man #306
by Groening/Vance/Morrison

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Archie as Captain Pureheart

In the wake of the Batman TV show, all comic characters became superheroes. Archie became Pureheart the Powerful, Jughead became “Captain Hero,” Reggie was “Evilheart,” and Betty was “Superteen.” The short-lived book started with the title “Archie as Pureheart the Powerful,” and later changed to “Archie as Captain Pureheart.”

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xLiefeld: We invented double-page spreads

A throughly self-deluded Rob Liefeld says: "Panoramic, cinematic, double page spreads depicting breakneck action was popularized and immortalized by the founders of Image Comics ... Lee, Liefeld, McFarlane, Larsen, Silvestri and Valentino." Oh really? Hmmm. Then why was a "little known" artist named Jack Kirby doing them in every single issue of New Gods, Mr. Miracle, Forever People, Jimmy Olsen -- and even books such as Kamandi -- way back in the 1970s? (Kirby even did a few "breakneck action" Captain America double-page spreads in the 40s! Sockamagee!)

Hawkman, Adam Strange lobby for support in Rann vs. Thanagar war

After struggling with the door to the Batcave for over three hours, Thanagarian champion Hawkman tells the Batman a gigantic lie...
Meanwhile, Adam Strange, Champion of Rann, meets with the Elongated Man to comfort him with other JLA members...

ART: Brave and the Bold #186 by Jim Aparo; Justice League of America #120 by Dillin/McLaughlin

Coming Covers: Jerry Ordway, Rags Morales/Michael Bair, Brian Bolland

Sockamagee! Three great NEW covers for three DC reprint volumes coming in August/September. First is the “Superman: The Man of Steel” Vol. 4 trade paperback by Jerry Ordway, collecting stories from the 80s, on sale Aug. 3rd. Next is the “Identity Crisis” hardcover by Morales and Bair, on sale Sept. 8th. Finally, saving the best for last, there's the “DC'S Greatest Imaginary Stories” trade paperback, by Brian Bolland, collecting stories from 1946-67, on sale Aug. 3rd. Click all for larger versions. If you have no desire to click the Bolland cover (far right), you can't really like comic books. I mean come ON! That's Superman-Red and Superman-Blue sharing Lois Lane's best chocolate cake with the Big Red Cheese and Batman II, for God's sake!

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Parody Cover

Superman lifts his first car, and copy-cat Spidey does the same -- with a POLICE car!

Action Comics #1
by Joe Shuster

Amazing Spider-Man #306
by Todd McFarlane

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Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair

A series of panels from Thun'da King of the Conga by the one and only Frank Frazetta. Published in 1952, Thun'da was the only complete comic book series Frazetta ever drew. "I came up with this Tarzan-like character who gets trapped in a lost world," Frazetta recalls. "They brought in Gardner Fox to write the script based on my idea and the first story in the book followed my plans pretty closely. Then the editor, Ray Krank, had Fox take everybody out ot the prehistoric setting by the end of the third story in the book and ruined the entire concept: they turned it into just another cardboard jungle comic."



Dial H for HERO: Who's Who

Who are the superheroes in the panel on the left? They're all the same person -- ME, the creator of this BLOG, Robby Reed. That's right, if I "dial B for BLOG," a new post appears here -- but if I "dial H for HERO," I become any one of 1,000 different superheroes! Each one more bizarre and outlandish than the next! My adventures appeared in DC's "House of Mystery" for several years. To get the full story, click on the panel left or here to see my entry in the DC Who's Who.


The All-Imp Mischief League

As most of us know, Mr. Mxyztplk is a magical imp from the 5th dimension who has but one goal in life: to annoy Superman. A creation of writer Jerry Siegel and artist John Sikela, Mxyztplk first appeared in Superman #30 in 1944. The Mxyztplk character was such a brilliant idea, it was bound to be copied. Next came Batman's imp, Bat-Mite, in Detective Comics #267. In a twist on the Mxyztplk character, Bat-Mite ACTUALLY wanted to help his idol, Batman, not annoy him. Aquaman got his own "water sprite," Quisp, in Aquaman #1, and Martian Manhunter's little alien pal Zook showed up in Detective Comics #311.

Not to be outdone, Fred Flintstone acquired his own imp, a zany little green guy known as The Great Gazoo. Gazoo was exiled from his home planet for inventing a device that could destroy the entire universe. As punishment, he was stranded on prehistoric Earth and made to serve the Earthlings who found him -- Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble. But who's the imp with the red cape on the far right? That's none other than Mr. Mxyztplk's lesser-known counterpart, an imp named "Szazs."

Szazs is a parody/tribute of Mxyztplk created by Alan Moore. He first appeared in Moore's brilliant "Supreme" series, a reimagining of the Superman family mythos. Like Mxyztplk, Szazs was an imp from another dimension who showed up periodically to bedevil Supreme. But because Alan Moore is Alan Moore, it didn't stop there. Moore took the "imp" concept to a whole new level with the IMPOLYMPICS...


As Szazs explains in the caption, "Every four Zorgs, a different prime-numbered dimension hosts the contest!" As you can see, the Impolympians include versions of Bat-Mite and Sprite, plus delightful new imps like the Mighty Man imp plus female Suprema and Adam Strange imp-ettes. Score another point for Rann -- Hawkman never got an imp!Grant Morrison, another comics genius, deconstructed the whole "annoying imp" concept in JLA #28-31, "Crisis Times Five."

In this story, Aquaman’s imp, Quisp, changes the spelling of his name to Qwsp (apparently they don't have vowels in other dimensions). As the new, "Dark" Qwsp explains, "When I saw how much Aquaman had changed, I thought what sport it would be fun it would be if I xwere to change like him!" (See panel.)

So, like the (at the time) latest version of Aquaman -- a long-haired, angry, "dark" superhero -- Qwsp adopts a new "dark" look and persona, and proceeds to cause mayhem. He manipulates Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt (who, it turns out, is actually an "imp" of sorts himself) into battling with the Thunderbolt of the beyond-awful "new" Johnny Thunder, aka "J.J. Thunder."

A total loser of a character, J.J. Thunder summons his T-Bolt with the wretched and unsayable phrase, "So cool!" Anyway, the two T-Bolts wage a reality-bending battle that threatens to destroy earth, and it takes both the JLA and JSA to set things right. Surprise, surprise: they do.

We'll be learning more about the members of the All-Imp League in future posts.
ART: Mxyztplk: John Sikela, Bat-Mite: Dick Sprang, Quisp: Nick Cardy, Zook and Gazoo: unknown, Szazs and Impolympics: Chris Sprouse, Qwsp: Porter/Dell.

Jerry Lewis: Batman, Superman, and Flash's Pal

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COVERS: Jerry Lewis #97, 105, and 112, artist(s) unknown

Thanagarians enjoy murder

As you can see from the panels below, the Golden Age Hawkman had no problem dealing with pesky criminals -- he simply KILLED them! That's right, killed. Don't believe it? Read the last word in the second panel below. That's right jack, it says D -E -A -D. And is our Thanagarian "hero" upset at what he has done? Far from it! "Short, sweet... and to the point!" exclaims Hawkman. People of Earth, I ask you: Is THIS what you want in a superhero? Ignore the pathetic propaganda being dispensed by The Absorbascon! Back RANN in the Rann vs. Thanagar war.