884- Space Ghost
883- Adam Strange 6 - Origin
882- Adam Strange 5 - Team Ups
881- Adam Strange 4 - Other Artists
880- Adam Strange 3 - JLA and Adam
879- Adam Strange 2 - Infantino and Anderson
878- Adam Strange 1 - Intro
877- John Carter of Mars
876- Mystery in Space Ad collection
875- Warren's Spaceman magazine
874- NBC"S Powerless
873- Frontier Frankenstein
872- Tomahawk
871- Justice League Western: Sequel
870- Justice League Western: TV
869 - Kid Colt Forerunner?
868 - John Severin
867 - Marvel Western Kids
866 - Simon & Kirby Boy's Ranch
865 - DC's Vigilante by Gray Morrow
864 - DC's Vigilante Origin
863 - DC's Vigilante The movie serial
862 - DC's Vigilante - Making the movie serial
861 - DC's Vigilante joins Seven Soldiers
860 - DC's Vigilante Mort Meskin 2
859 - DC's Vigilante Mort Meskin 1
858 - Roy Rogers and Trigger
857 - GL/GA Western
856 - Superman vs. Terra Man
855 - Top Ten Wildest Western Covers 2 of 2
854 - Top Ten Wildest Western Covers 1 of 2
853 -Skywald Westerns
852 -Judge Dredd vs. Judge Death
851 -Justice League Western
850 - Batman, Indian Chief
849 - Jimmy Olsen, Gunslinger
848 - Joe Kubert's Firehair
847 - Flash in Cartoon Land!
846 - Super Cowboy
845 - Wild, Wild West
844 - Scalphunter
843 - Hawk, Son of Tomahawk
842 - Tomahawk covers by Neal Adams 2
841 - Tomahawk covers by Neal Adams 1
840 - Tomahawk
839 - Bat Lash
838 - Aquaman in "Welcome to Rusdic"
837 - DC's "LOST" Westerns
836 - Marvel's Red Wolf
835 - Doug Wildey's RIO
834 - Doug Wildey's RIO in Johnny Hardluck
833 - Doug Wildey's RIO in Mrs. Howard's Son
832 - Doug Wildey's RIO in Robbers Roost
831 - Doug Wildey's RIO in Satan's Doorstep
830 - Doug Wildey's RIO in Hide Butchers
829 - Doug Wildey's RIO
828 - Marvel's Ghost Rider
827 - Batman TV 1966: Shame
826 - "Christmas" by Kanigher and Thorne
825 - "A Christmas Story's" Red Rifle
824 - Jonah Hex 6 - Movies, TV
823 - Jonah Hex 5 - Hex by Heath
822 - Jonah Hex 4 - Hex & JLA
821 - Jonah Hex 3 - Fav Hex 2
820 - Jonah Hex 2 - Fav Hex 1
819 - Jonah Hex 1 - Hex Origin
818 - El Diablo 6 of 7
817 - El Diablo 5 of 7
816 - El Diablo 4 of 7
815 - El Diablo 3 of 7
814 - El Diablo 2 of 7
813 - El Diablo 1 of 7
812 - All-Star Western #2-5
811 - All-Star Western #1
810 - DC Silver Age Sherrifs
809 - DC Special 6 - Westerns
808 - DC Golden Age Western ads
807 - El Kabong (Quik Draw McGraw)
806 - Zorro
805 - More of Warren's Western mag
804 - Warren's Western magazine
803 - The Lone Ranger
802- Justice League Movie review
801- Preview of Volume Six

800- The Secret Origin of Jesus Christ
799- The Spectre
798- Calvin as Stupendous Man
797- TV's Capt. Nice
796- TV's Mr. Terrific
795- Stanley and his Super Monster
794- Super Daffy Duck in Ani-Motion
793- Super Bug Bunny in Ani-Motion
792- Mighty Mouse in Ani-Motion

791- Rat Fink 10 of 10 - Fall of Big Daddy
790- Rat Fink 9 of 10 - RF Merchandise
789- Rat Fink 8 of 10 - Rat Fink's Secret Origin
788- Rat Fink 7 of 10 - Ed Newton
787- Rat Fink 6 of 10 - Weird-Ohs
786- Rat Fink 5 of 10 - Stanley Mouse
785- Rat Fink 4 of 10 - Monte
784- Rat Fink 3 of 10 - Beaver Episode
783- Rat Fink 2 of 10 - Ed Roth
782- Rat Fink 1 of 10 - Hot Rod Comics

781- Ben Cooper Marvel Halloween costumes
780- Ben Cooper DC Halloween Costumes

779- The Heap 6 of 6 - Neal Adams Man-Thing
778- The Heap 5 of 6 - The Heap Color Comic
777- The Heap 4 of 6 - The Lunatic Heap
776- The Heap 3 of 6 - The Heap Lives
775- The Heap 2 of 6 - The Skywald Heap
774- The Heap 1 of 6 - The Original Heap

773- Skywald's PSYCHO
772- Skywald's NIGHTMARE 2 of 2
771- Skywald's NIGHTMARE 1 of 2
770- ACG's Nemesis
769- DC Showcase recolored covers
768- DC Character logos of the 70s
767- Marvel Trading Cards 3 of 3
766- Marvel Trading Cards 2 of 3
765- Marvel Trading Cards 1 of 3
764- Justice League of America Tattoos
763- Overnight story: Drop An Inch!
762- Comic Book Foldees 2 of 2
761- Comic Book Foldees 1 of 2
760- Tom Strong's Stolen Covers
759- All-Star Comics #3
758- Krazy Little DC Comics
757- Krazy Little Marvel Comics
756- Robby reviews Superman v. Batman
755- Legends of the Super Heroes 3 of 3
754- Legends of the Super Heroes 2 of 3
753- Legends of the Super Heroes 1 of 3
752- Arlen Schumer's Ira Schnapp Exhibit
751- Preview of things to come

750-Robby Reviews Avengers Age of Ultron

749-Flash Origin 8 - Quicksilver
748-Flash Origin 7 - Flash TV Series
747-Flash Origin 6 - Super Speed All Star Baseball Game
746-Flash Origin 5 - Kid Flash
745-Flash Origin 4 - Silver Age Flash
744-Flash Origin 3 - Johnny Quick
743-Flash Origin 2 - The Whizzer
742-Flash Origin 1 - Secret Origins of the Golden Age Flash

741-Silver Age of Comics ABC Quiz

740-Superman & Lucy Behind the Scenes 6
739-Superman 1952 Behind the Scenes 5
738-Superman 1952 Behind the Scenes 4
737-Superman 1952 Behind the Scenes 3
736-Superman 1952 Behind the Scenes 2
735-Superman 1952 Behind the Scenes 1

734-Batman 1966 Behind the Scenes 7
733-Batman 1966 Behind the Scenes 6
732-Batman 1966 Behind the Scenes 5
731-Batman 1966 Behind the Scenes 4
730-Batman 1966 Behind the Scenes 3
729-Batman 1966 Behind the Scenes 2
728-Batman 1966 Behind the Scenes 1

727-"Stolen" JLA Covers 9
726-"Stolen" JLA Covers 8
725-"Stolen" JLA Covers 7
724-"Stolen" JLA Covers 6
723-"Stolen" JLA Covers 5
722-"Stolen" JLA Covers 4
721-"Stolen" JLA Covers 3
720-"Stolen" JLA Covers 2
719-"Stolen" JLA Covers 1

718-The ATOM house ad collection

717-Comics in "Little Fugitive"


715- Dr. Strange Origin 12 - The Secret of ETERNITY
714- Dr. Strange Origin 11- The Doctor Strange TV Movie
713- Dr. Strange Origin 10 - The Origin
712- Dr. Strange Origin 9 - Doc's First Adventure
711- Dr. Strange Origin 8 - The Raven (1963 film)
710- Dr Strange Origin 7 - Dr. Poltergiest and Dr. Droom
709- Dr. Strange Origin 6 - Dr. 13 and Doctor Bill Neff
708- Dr. Strange Origin 5 - Dr. Fate
707- Dr. Strange Origin 4 - Mandrake, Zatara and Zatanna
706- Dr. Strange Origin 3 - Lost Horizon
705- Dr. Strange Origin 2 - Chandu The Magician
704- Dr. Strange Origin 1 - Magic and Mystery in Tibet

703-Preview of Volume 6
702-Point of No Return: End of Volume 5
701-The Missing Issue
700-Spidey Origins 11: The Comic Book
699-Spidey Origins 10: Amazing
698-Spidey Origins 9: Introducing Spider-Man
697-Spidey Origins 8: Original Spider-Logo
696-Spidey Origins 7: Two of a Kind
695-Spidey Origins 6: If This Be My Ditko
Ditko 1: Introduction to Steve Ditko
Ditko 2: The Ditko/Stanton Studio
Ditko 3: Fetish Artist Eric Stanton
Ditko 4: Day Ditko Created Spider-Man
Ditko 5: Stan and Steve
Ditko 6: Green Goblin Controversy
Ditko 7: Stan Lee vs. Steve Ditko
Ditko 8: Spidey Post-Ditko
Ditko 9: Ditko's Sense of Humor
Ditko 10: Ditko's Letters to Fans
Ditko 11: Cutting Board Controversy
Ditko 12: Steve Ditko Interviews
Ditko 13: Ditko's Recent Work
Ditko 14: Ditko Pangeric: A Tribute
Ditko 15: Busting The Ditko Myths
694-Spidey Origins 5: Superboy's Stolen Identity
693-Spidey Origins 4: The Twilight World
692-Spidey Origins 3: The Spider and the Fly
691-Spidey Origins 2: The Marvel Method
690-Spidey Origins 1: Along Came A Spider

689-Spidey Rogues by Ditko Movie Edition
688-Spidey Rogues by Ditko 2
687-Spidey Rogues by Ditko 1
686-Steve Ditko Original Art

685-Spider-Man ads 7 - The Annuals
684-Spider-Man ads 6
683-Spider-Man ads 5
682-Spider-Man ads 4
681-Spider-Man ads 3
680-Spider-Man ads 2

678-Spot The Differences 2
677-Spot The Differences 1
676-Marvel Ad Awards

675-Marvel Split Cover Ads 6
674-Marvel Split Cover Ads 5
673-Marvel Split Cover Ads 4
672-Split Cover Ads 3/Cap 2 mini-review
671-Marvel Split Cover Ads 2
670-Marvel Split Cover Ads 1

669-Marvel's "Not Brand Echh" Ads
668-X-Rated Comic Easter Eggs
667-Top Ten Neal Adams Moments
666-Dial B for BLOG #666

665-Deadman as seen on TV
664-Deadman and JLU/Brave & Bold
663-Deadman and FORREST GUMP
662-Deadman and HOUDINI
660-Deadman and ARTISTS AND MODELS
659-Deadman and THREE MEN AND A BABY
658-Deadman and FIGHT CLUB
657-Deadman and TRON
656-Deadman and LOST HORIZON
655-Deadman and WIZARD OF OZ
654-Deadman and TRANSFORMERS 3
653-Deadman and 007's GOLDFINGER
652-Deadman and WONDER MAN
651-Deadman and FANTASTIC VOYAGE
650-Deadman and WRATH of KAHN
649-Deadman and THE PLAYER
648-Deadman Goes To The Movies

647-Inside Daredevil feature pages
646-Daredevil House Ads
645-Fantastic Four ANNUAL Ads
644-Fantastic Four House Ads 12
643-Fantastic Four House Ads 11
642-Fantastic Four House Ads 10
641-Fantastic Four House Ads 9
640-Fantastic Four House Ads 8
639-Fantastic Four House Ads 7
638-Fantastic Four House Ads 6
637-Fantastic Four House Ads 5
636-Fantastic Four House Ads 4
635-Fantastic Four House Ads 3
634-Fantastic Four House Ads 2
633-Fantastic Four House Ads 1
632-FF covers changed before publication
631-Early Marvel Pin-ups
630-Fantastic Four Feature Pages
629-House ads for Marvel first issues

628-Silver Age DC creators on video
627-Which comics did ELVIS read?
626-Erotic pin-up girl BETTIE PAGE!
625-Miss Bikini Luv by Jim Aparo
624-Transogram's Kabala Board Game
623-Ira Schnapp DC logos - original art
622-Coming Super Attractions FINALE!
621-Coming Super Attractions 20 of 21
620-Coming Super Attractions 19 of 21
619-Coming Super Attractions 18 of 21
618-Coming Super Attractions 17 of 21
617-Coming Super Attractions 16 of 21
616-Coming Super Attractions 15 of 21
615-Coming Super Attractions 14 of 21
614-Coming Super Attractions 13 of 21
613-Coming Super Attractions 12 of 21
612-Coming Super Attractions 11 of 21
611-Coming Super Attractions 10 of 21
610-Coming Super Attractions 9 of 21
609-Coming Super Attractions 8 of 21
608-Coming Super Attractions 7 of 21
607-Coming Super Attractions 6 of 21
606-Coming Super Attractions 5 of 21
605-Coming Super Attractions 4 of 21
604-Coming Super Attractions 3 of 21
603-Coming Super Attractions 2 of 21
602-Coming Super Attractions 1 of 21
601-Robby Reed returns -- AGAIN!

600-Robby Reed Meets Jack Kirby
599-Robby Reviews The AVENGERS MOVIE!
598-Avengers Magazines and Retro-Video
597-Robby Reviews the Capt. America Movie
596-Capt. America Joins Avengers w/ sound!
595-Robby Reviews The Avengers #1 Comic
594-Robby's First Marvel Comics
593-MMMS Fan Club/Voices of Marvel
592-Robby Reviews DC's New 52/JLA Reboot
591-Robby Reviews the JLA's Origin!
590-Robby Reed Returns - Again!

589-Frankenstein 20: Robby Meets Frankenstein
588-Frankenstein 19: Cataclysmic Conclusion
587-Frankenstein 18: Abbott and Costello
586-Frankenstein 17: House of Dracula
585-Frankenstein 16: House of Frankenstein
584-Frankenstein 15: Meet The Wolf Man
583-Frankenstein 14: Aurora model/James Bama
582-Frankenstein 13: The Unfriendly Ghost
581-Frankenstein 12: Sons of Frankensein
580-Frankenstein 11: Christ Frankenstein
579-Frankenstein 10: Mrs. Frankenstein
578-Frankenstein 9: Incredible Hulkenstein
577-Frankenstein 8: Comical Creatures
576-Frankenstein 7: Teenage/Famous Monsters
575-Frankenstein 6: Karloff The Uncanny
574-Frankenstein 5: Forbidden Frankenstein
573-Frankenstein 4: The Monster Illustrated
572-Frankenstein 3: Mary Mary Quite Contrary
571-Frankenstein 2: Clothes Make The Monster
570-Frankenstein 1: Monster Make-Up

569-Kryptonite 7: Phantom Zone Kryptonite
568-Kryptonite 6: Gold Kryptonite
567-Kryptonite 5: Red Kryptonite
566-Kryptonite 4: The Verdict is Yours!
565-Kryptonite 3: Doorway to Nightmare
564-Kryptonite 2: Beppo, Super Monkey
563-Kryptonite 1: I Am Kryptonite!

562-Parade of Fake Bat-Mite Covers 2
561-Parade of Fake Bat-Mite Covers 1
560-Secret Origin of Bat-Mite
559-DC-TV 1: Most Famous Comic Ever
558 Jack Kirby Rejected Covers
557-Jack Kirby DC House Ads
556-Dr. Solar's Subliminal Sexplosion
555-Dobie Gillis vs. Windy and Willy
554-DC-TV 2: Beatles/King Superman
553- Jim Aparo Original Art
552-Entourage: James Cameron's Aquaman
551-The Shocking True Face of Jonah Hex
550-Secret Origin of HOT STUFF
549-DC-TV 3: Adams cover on Big Bang Theory
548-Nick Cardy Original Art
547-Nick Cardy House Ads
546-One to Shock You: Kubert's Firehair
545-Origin of the Diabolu Idolhead
544-DC-TV 4: Batman's Greatest Boner on TV!
543-Neal Adams Original Art
542-Neal Adams House Ads
541-Elongated Man Splash Pages
540-Secret Origins of the Bat-Signal
539-DC-TV 5: Midnight Cowboy
538-Curt Swan Original Art
537-Superman Family Ads
536-The Green Ghost Game
535-Simpsons parodies "Dial H for Hero!"
534-DC-TV 6: Batman TV show
533-Mike Sekowsky Original Art
532-Justice League Ad Collection
531-Marvel TV 2: Avengers, Spidey
530-Secret Origin of ZOOK
529-DC-TV 7: Superman on Seinfeld
528-Murphy Anderson Original Art
527-Adam Strange/Hawkman Ads
526-Marvel TV: Fantastic Four and Iron Man
525-Origin of the Eraser
524-DC-TV 8: Rainbow Batman
523-Russ Heath Original Art
522-GI Combat Haunted Tank Ads
521-Claw Ad Contest
520-Denny O'Neill and Jim Aparo's WANDER
519-DC TV 9: Bat-Mite reads Who's Who
518-Joe Kubert Original Art
517-House ads for books by Joe Kubert
516-Complete THOR mini-comic 1966
515-Origins of the Fingers of Felix Faust
514-DC-TV 10: Superman TV show
513-Gil Kane Original Art
512-Every Green Lantern Ad Ever Published
511-ABC TV Comics
510-Secret Origins of Johnny DC
509-DC-TV 11: Superman TV show
508-Showcase Original Art
507-80 pg. GIANT ads
506-Newsstands of Yesteryear
505-Julie Schwartz Video Interview
504-DC-TV 12: Jimmy Olsen as Giant Turtle Man
503-Jim Mooney Original Art
502-Dial H for Hero House Ads
501-The Mystery of Robby Reed

500-Gaspar Saladino 12 - Arkham Asylum
499-Gaspar Saladino 11- Titans Clash
498-Gaspar Saladino 10 - Friendly Ghost
497-Gaspar Saladino 9 - Atlas Shrugged
496-Gaspar Saladino 8 - Swamp Thing
495-Gaspar Saladino 7 - Gaspar's Logos
494-Gaspar Saladino 6 - New Wonder Woman
493-Gaspar Saladino 5 - Capt. Relevant
492-Gaspar Saladino 4- Sword and The Stone
491-Gaspar Saladino 3 - Five Words Or Less
490-Gaspar Saladino 2 - New DC Star
489-Gaspar Saladino 1 - The Natural

487-Meet The MORLOO
486-Challengers as FF Prototype
484-The Sea Devils
483-Christmas with The Superheroes
482-The Mighty Hercules
481-Wally Wood's T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents
480-Robby reviews BOYS OF STEEL
479- Manhunter's Kid Brother
478- Secret Origin of THOR
477- Showcase CONTEST
476- Goofus and Gallant
475- Scarecrow of Romney Marsh
474- Rock God
473-Neal Adams Deadman Makeover
472-Golden Age Spectre
471-Marvel Monster Mags
470-The Impossibles cartoon
469-Joe Kubert's Tarzan Layouts
468-Angel and Ape 40th Anniversary
467-Original Artwork
466-DC House Ads
465-Bazooka Joe Joins the JLA
464-Neal Adams draws Archie
463-Silver Surfer in "Breathless"

462-16 Days of the Batman - Extra!
461-16 Days of the Batman - DAY 16
460-16 Days of the Batman - DAY 15
459-16 Days of the Batman - DAY 14
458-16 Days of the Batman - DAY 13
457-16 Days of the Batman - DAY 12
456-16 Days of the Batman - DAY 11
455-16 Days of the Batman - DAY 10
454-16 Days of the Batman - DAY 9
453-16 Days of the Batman - DAY 8
452-16 Days of the Batman - DAY 7
451-16 Days of the Batman - DAY 6
450-16 Days of the Batman - DAY 5
449-16 Days of the Batman - DAY 4
448-16 Days of the Batman - DAY 3
447-16 Days of the Batman - DAY 2
446-16 Days of the Batman - DAY 1

445-All-Star Comics House Ads
444-Hawkman in "Earth's Impossible Day"

443-Origins of Hawk and Dove 5
442-Origins of Hawk and Dove 4
441-Origins of Hawk and Dove 3
440-Origins of Hawk and Dove 2
439-Origins of Hawk and Dove 1

438-The Monkees as The Monkeemen
437-HULK Paperback 1966
436-HUMAN FLAME plus "Final Crisis" review
435-Green Lantern: All New, All Now

434-Warren's "Blazing Combat" 4
433-Warren's "Blazing Combat" 3
432-Warren's "Blazing Combat" 2
431-Warren's "Blazing Combat" 1

430-Batman TV Show Album 1966
429-Disney Ducks Inspired Indiana Jones
428-Mike Sekowsky Justice League

427-Secret Origins of IRON MAN - 6
426-Secret Origins of IRON MAN - 5
425-Secret Origins of IRON MAN - 4
424-Secret Origins of IRON MAN - 3
423-Secret Origins of IRON MAN - 2
422-Secret Origins of IRON MAN - 1

421-Simpsons History of Comics
420-The Phantom by Jim Aparo
419-The Inferior Five
418-Inside DC Comics Offices 1978
417-Neal Adams' Son O' God comics
416-Horton Hears A Who!
415-Secret Origins of TARZAN
414-Testimony of Bob Kane
413-Marvel House Ads
412-Dial B for Blog Academy Awards
411-Secret Origins of SOLAR - Part 3 and 4
410-Secret Origins of SOLAR - Part 1 and 2
409-The Hate Tapes Contest
408-Fantastic Four meets Star Trek
407-Creepy Silver Age Superboy
406-Frank Frazetta
405-The Beatles Cartoon series
404-LSH Search for Star of the Nativity
403-Golden Age DC House Ads
402-Origins of Simpsons superheroes
401-Top 10 Kirby Fourth World Blurbs
400-Neal Adams and Jack Kirby video
399-Mystery Masquerader JFK Contest
398-Adventures of Captain Klutz
397-Superman comics in Seinfeld
396 BEMZARRO Presents
395-Dark Shadows TV series/comic
394-Vampirella in "Death's Dark Angel"
393-Halloween Contest: Trick or Treat!
392-Bill Murray as The Human Torch
391-Secret Origins of Batman 3
390-Secret Origins of Batman 2
389-Secret Origins of Batman 1
388-The Resurrection of Robby Reed

387-Death of Robby Reed?
383-Dial B for Blog Secret Origins 1-4
382-Promo House Ads

381-Ira Schnapp 10: The Big Fall
380-Ira Schnapp 9: Ira schnapp Biography
379-Ira Schnapp 8: Some Schnapp House Ads
378-Ira Schnapp 7: Ira's DC Cover Blurbs
377-Ira Schnapp 6: Ira's DC Logos
376-Ira Schnapp 5: The Big Freeze
375-Ira Schnapp 4: Coming Super Attractions
374-Ira Schnapp 3: The Superman Logo
373-Ira Schnapp 2: The Big Bang
372-Ira Schnapp 1: Present at the Creation

371-Where is Robby Reed?
370-Spider-Man 9/11
369-Egg Fu
368-Gorshin SIngs Riddler
367-DC Humor House Ads
366-Reed and Sue Richard's Baby
365-Evil Robby Dies

364-Captain Action Origins 6
363-Captain Action Origins 5
362-Captain Action Origins 4
361-Captain Action Origins 3
360-Captain Action Origins 2
359-Captain Action Origins 1

358-Courageous Cat
357-Nick Cardy's Bat Lash
356-Silver Age Krypton
355-Forbush Man
354-Jim Aparo Spectre
353-Top 10 Product Ads
352-Brave & Bold Ads 2
351-Brave & Bold Ads 1
350-Capt. America, Iron Man, Hulk Origins
349-Aquaman's Powers
348-Fawcett House Ads
347-Danish Marvel Comics
346-Gigantor Animotion
345-Contest Winner
344-Rejected LShers 4
343-Rejected LShers 3
342-Rejected LShers 2
341-Rejected LShers 1
340-LSH Rejects
339-Danish DC Comics
338-Challengers Powers
337-JLA Hero House Ads
336-Neal Adams Pencils

335-Secret Origins of Scooter 8
334-Secret Origins of Scooter 7
333-Secret Origins of Scooter 6
332-Secret Origins of Scooter 5
331-Secret Origins of Scooter 4
330-Secret Origins of Scooter 3
329-Secret Origins of Scooter 2
328-Secret Origins of Scooter 1

327-DC Romance Comics
326-Supes Returns Review
325-Superman Art Gallery
324-Superman in Action
323-Superman's LL's
322-Superman Family Ads
321-Lois Lane S&M
320-Max Fleisher Superman in Ani-Motion
319 -Collecting Superman
318-Justice For All Includes Kids Ads by Neal Adams
317-The Legion of Super Dogs
316-Superman Meets Jerry Lewis
315-Superman vs. Ali
314-Super Turtle
313-Bat-Mite & Mxyzptlk
312-World's Finest House Ads
311-Superman TV Show
310-Super Teacher Pimp
309-Super Teacher A-hole
308-Superman Giants Ads
307-Superman vs. Atom Man
306-Supes Becomes Flash
305-Nietzsche's Overman
304-Superman Gallery
303-Cardy Supes Intro
302-DC Subscription Ads
301-DC War House Ads
299-Green Lantern's Oath

298-Ditko's Mr. A. Origins 3
297-Ditko's Mr. A. Origins 2
296-Ditko's Mr. A. Origins 1

295-Spider-Man Record 5
294-Spider-Man Record 4
293-Spider-Man Record 3
292-Spider-Man Record 2
291-Spider-Man Record 1
290-First Anniversary
289-Adams DC Calendar
288-Showcase Ads 2
287-Showcase Ads 1
286-Beware Gorilla Witch
285-Crisis 1-7 Review

284-Joker's Utility Belt 3
283-Joker's Utility Belt 2
282-Joker's Utility Belt 1

281-Top 10 Hitler Covers
280-Tiger League 5
279-Tiger League 4
278-Tiger League 3
277-Tiger League 2
276-Tiger League 1
275-Iron Man-imotion
274-Earth 1 vs. Earth 2
273-Batman House Ads
272-Marvel Pinups
271-Public Service Ads
Easter Special-Jesus by Al Hartley
270-Passion of The Super Heroes 2
269-Passion of The Super Heroes 1
268-Sacrifice of Proty
267-Batman Goes To Hell
266-Comic Easter Eggs
265-Infinite Crisis #6 Review
264-The Big Giant Hand
263-Sketches by Pros
262-Marvel House Ads
261-B.E.M. Winners
260-B.E.M. Shows Up!
259-Rejected Covers
258-Dogs In Comic Books
257-Foreign Comics
256-Brian Bolland Gallery
255-Public Service Ads

254-The DC Implosion 3
253-The DC Implosion 2
252-The DC Implosion 1

251-Creeper Rarities
250-Green Lantern Gallery
248-Super Team Pin-ups
247-Legion of Super Dogs
245-The Future 5
244-The Future 4
243-The Future 3
242-The Future 2
241-The Future 1
240-Crisis #5 Review
239-Split Cover Gallery
238-Iron Man's Adi Granov
237-Superman in TIME magazine
236-Major Matt Mason
235-JLA Cartoon in Ani-Motion
234-Lee Falk's Phantom
233-DC House Ads
232-Animal Man Rarities
231-Curt Swan Tribute

230-Archie as Capt. Pureheart Origins 5
229-Archie as Capt. Pureheart Origins 4
228-Archie as Capt. Pureheart Origins 3
227-Archie as Capt. Pureheart Origins 2
226-Archie as Capt. Pureheart Origins 1

225-Ads That Tell A Story
224-The Spider
223-Animation Art
222-Public Service Ads
221-Your Superboy IQ
220-Bat-Mite/ Mxyzptlk
219-Three of a Kind
218-Basil Wolverton
217-Marvel House Ads
216-Lucy and Superman
215-Color Art Gallery
214-Enemy Ace
213-The FF go to Rome
212-B & W DC House Ads
211-Gil Kane Draws GL
210-Infinite Crisis #4 review

209-Batman TV Show Origins 6
208-Batman TV Show Origins 5
207-Batman TV Show Origins 4
206-Batman TV Show Origins 3
205-Batman TV Show Origins 2
204-Batman TV Show Origins 1

203-DC House Ads
202-Spectre vs. The Ghost
201-Fat Fury versus...
199-How to Join the JLA
198-DC Silver Age Ads
197-Harvey's Bee-Man
196-Letters Page Heads
195-Steve Rude Gallery
194-The Final Giant Hand
193-The Psycho-Pirate
192-Intinite Crisis #3 review
191-The Zeroids
190-Jesus and Superman
189-Silent Night of the Batman
188-Silver Surfer Jesus
187-Haney/Toth:Dirty Job
186-Christmas Artwork
185-Comicland Christmas
184-Detective Chimp
183-The Mod Gorilla Boss
182-DC Ape C overs
181-Seven Wonder Crimes of Gotham
180-Not Brand Echh
179-John Buscema Supes
178-Strange Batman Lives
177-DC Giant House Ads
176-Fantastic Four Big Little Book 2
175-Hawkman Rarities
174-Composite Superman
173-Man From U.N.C.L.E.
172-Ultra the Multi Alien
171-Finished Sketches
170-Adams Batman 4 of 4
169-Saturn Girl, Bitch
168-Crazy Crossovers
167-Major Matt Mason
166-Superman and JFK
165-Adams Batman 3 of 4
164-Lois Lane Contest
163-Krypto Covers
162-Aquaman & Submariner
161-Steranko's Jigsaw Man
160-Adams Batman 2 of 4
159-Infinite Crisis #2 review
158-Joe Simon's Outsiders
157-DC house ads 1963-67
156-Inside JLA Mailroom
155-Adams Batman 1 of 4
154-Steranko's Spyman
153-Three of a Kind
152-Ditko Spidey Secrets
151-Deadman Gallery
150-Deadman by Adams
149-Everybody Dies
148-The Grim Reaper
147-The First DC-Marvel Crossover
146-Bernie Wrightson
145-Monster Mash
144-Silver Age Spectre
142- Thirteen Shock Ending Stories
141-Spider-Man, the Spider
140-Ghost of The Giant Hand
138-Roth's Rat Fink
137-Marvel Monsters
136-Batman's Boner
135-Vampires and Bats
134-Infinite Crisis #1 Review
133-Skeletons & Pumpkins
132-The Demon Contest
131-Devils and Demons
130-Headless Horseman
129-Frankenstein Monster
128-The Spidey-Man Ride
127-Werewolves & Witches
126-Monster Model Ads
125-Magic Crystal Balls
124-Eclipso: Hero and Villain in one man
123-The Giant Hand Returns
122-Rocketman Movie Serials
121-High Camp Super Heroes
120-The Amazing World of DC Comics
119-Golden Age Hourman
118-Chris Reeve Tribute
117-Superhero Evil Twins
116-Color Sketches
115-Comics in Comics
114-Steve Rude paintings
113-More DC House Ads
112-The Shadow Knows
111-Golden Age Superkillers
110-Superman Murders Clark Kent
109-Doc S and FF in Egypt
108-Alan Moore's "Allies"
107-Finished Ink Sketches
106-Dial H for Hypnoman
105-Superman wins WWII
104-Herbie as the Fat Fury
103-Silver Age DC ads
102-All In Color For A Dime
101-Sickest Covers Part 8
100-DIAL B for BLOG #100
99-Fred Hembeck & Robby
98-Dial H for Mighty Moppet
97-Steve Rude color roughs
96-Sickest Covers Part 7
95-Jack Kirby Rarities
94-Radioactive Man #100
93-The Big Giant Hand
92-Tinted Finished Inks
91-Hulk paperback 1978
90-Sickest Covers Part 6
89-Finished ink drawings

88-Elvis and Captain Marvel Jr. 4
87-Elvis and Captain Marvel Jr. 3
86-Elvis and Captain Marvel Jr. 2
85-Elvis and Captain Marvel Jr. 1

84-Sickest Covers Part 5
83-Superman-Tim Comics
82-Baron/Rude's NEXUS
81-Super Drawing Boards
80-Many Faces of Radioactive Man
79-Silver Surfer GN 1978
78-Sickest Covers Part 4
77-Kafka's Metamorphosis
76-Rough ink sketch gallery
75-Super Size Superheroes
74-Alternate covers
73-''Superman Returns''
72-Sickest Covers Part 3
71-Riddle of the Sphinx
70-How to draw comic books
69-Origin of Radioactive Man
68-Vintage DC house ads
67-FF Big Little Book 1
66-Sickest Covers Part 2
65-Krypto in Starwinds Howl
64-Marvel paperback comics
63-Robby's sketch book
62-Batman TV Guide 1966
61-Supe rhero Model Kits
60-Sickest Covers Part 1
59-Countdown to Crisis review
58-GL/GA Paperbacks 1972
57-Unpublished FF covers
56-Superhero Day Jobs
55-FF movie in TV Guide
54-Box Office/Media Update
53-Joe Schuster tribute
52-Review: Fantastic Four movie

51-Fantastic Four Secret Origins 4
50-Fantastic Four Secret Origins 3
49-Fantastic Four Secret Origins 2
48-Fantastic Four Secret Origins 1

47-July 4th spectacular
46-Split/Xam Capt. Marvel
45-Shakespearean heroes
44-Photography and comics
43-Torch eats BK, Cometeer
42-Affleck to play Reeves
41-Bat box-office update
40-Alex Toth tribute
39-Bale on the scale
38-Unpublished JLAvengers
37-When Worlds Collide
36-DC outsells Marvel
35-Bat box-office bummer?
34-Batman thru the years
33-Wally Wood Issue
32-Review: "Batman Begins"
31-Neal Adams Bat-rarities
30-The Scarecrow Issue
29-Bat-Mania Begins
28-Crystal the Inhuman
27-Dr. Doom vs. Galactus
26-Mr. and Mrs. Fantastic
25-Torch issue! Flame on!
24-It's clobberin' time!
23-Review: Corman's FF movie
22-The Fabulous FF
21-Rann: Peace at hand?
20-Hawkman grounded
18-Rann's superweapon
17-Hawkman's discovery
16-Rann threatens Thanagar
15-Memorial Day Special
14-I dare Rann to attack!
13-Unlucky 13th issue
12-Hawk Scandal quashed
11-National Enquirer parody
10-Hawkman's new chick?
9-Carmine Infantino
8-Inscrutable Egg-Fu!
7-Shrunken Superheroes
6-Hollywood Casting Call
5-Back to Batcave DVD
4-Flash TV commercial
3-Frank Gorshin, RIP
2-The Imp League of America
1-First Issue Collector's item!